11:00 video

Elane just wanted to relax for a few minutes before her boyfriend came back to the hotel. She hears a knock and is upset that someone is bothering her. She opens the door and a man rushes in and throws her on the bed. She really fights to get the guy off her but he puts a cloth over her mouth and she finally goes out. She wakes up and is in pain, she can't move and OMG, what is going on with the rope on her breast. It's so tight that it looks abnormal. She's tied in a tight hogtie and she asks the guy "what's going on?" He answers her with OPEN YOUR MOUTH. She does as he says and he pushes a big plug gag in her mouth and straps it tightly. Elane struggles but she's not getting loose. The man makes her more quiet with vet wrap wrapped around her head and gag. He brings her purse in and makes sure she knows she's being robbed. He's not finished with her. He wraps all the remaining vet wrap around her eyes and mouth. She's really freaked out and the man leaves her. Her boyfriend comes back to find her so bound and gagged. ALL GAGGING ON SCREEN!! Starring me

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