MILF surprised, bound and gagged and ready to go

11:55 video

Dakota was talking to her boyfriend and enticed him to come to her place.   She was laying on the sofa in a sexy position and she yelled for him to come in.   The door opens and a man that was looking to use the phone finds ANOTHER opportunity.    He rushes the woman and she passes out on the sofa.   He runs out to his car and gets what he needs to take advantage,    He ties her up good and when she wakes she freaks and starts screaming at him to let her go.   He comes back with a big gag for her.   She is not going to say anything because he's getting her ready to go.
He tapes everything in her mouth and leaves to get the truck ready.   When he returns he notices she is hopping away,.   He grabs her and takes her off.,
Starring Dakota    

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