JJ double crossed by Elane

17:55 video

JJ and Elane were robbing a rich bitch named Jamie.  She was very high society and RICH, Elane and JJ taped up her up good and took her jewelry and money and put it in her expensive purse.  Once they began taping her, they wanted to see her fancy bra and panties.  Jamie didn't like it much but she wasn't able to stop them.  They gag her mouth FULL and then tape her mouth shut.   Just when JJ and Elane get ready to go, Elane pulls out a weapon on JJ and tells her partner to come on in the house.   The man tapes JJ up really TIGHT.  JJ keeps asking Elane why she would do that to her and all Elane had to say was "she needs to be gagged".  Two handkerchiefs were stuffed in her protesting mouth and sealed with tape.  Elane joins them to say goodbye and leaves the two bound and gagged women to try to escape but Elane doesn't care what happens to them...she's got all the money.
Starring Jamie Knotts, JJ Plush and myself

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