Elane NEVER allows this!

12:23 video

First of all, you've NEVER seen this in any of my videos over the years. I hired a new guy to come to my hotel room to tie me up for some pictures. He seemed like a nice guy on line so I hired him. He came to my room and I had all the rope laid out on the bed. Well, I knew there was going to be a problem from the start. He didn't tie me the way I instructed him to do it. I wanted my legs tied together but no, he tied them apart. But, I thought it would still work. He started to touch me in places no one ever is allowed to touch me and I warned him of that. He said ok and continued to tie me. After he had me all tied up he said I needed a gag. I TOLD HIM NO GAG! Well, he didn't listen and he gagged me pretty good. Now I'm concerned, what else is he going to do to me? He undoes the hooks in my underwear and does what I NEVER allow. Starring myself and my good friend, Lonestar Dave

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