Derek cruelly gagged and taped

12:33 video

Derek and her roommate were getting ready to go to a concert that they've been dying to see for awhile and had really great seat reservations.   He's upstairs and she's downstairs getting ready.  She comes out of the bathroom with her pantyhose on and a big shirt.   An intruder was in the house and he staked her out.   He XXXX her out as she comes out of the bathroom and tapes her up good and tight.   He has to make sure she doesn't warn her roommate so he stuffs her mouth and wraps clear wrap around her head several times and then seals the deal by wrapping sticky duct tape tightly around her head making it impossible to talk.    He leaves and she wakes up to find herself bound and gagged.   Her roommate yells downstairs for her to hurry and she screams for him but he doesn't hear her.   The intruder comes back and plays with her a minute and decides he better get out while the getting is good.   She squirms as good as she can and trying to get help but the roommate comes down after all and is shocked to see what's going on.
Starring Derek Sinclair

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