JJ and Elane teach Amanda a lessn, the hard way!

14:40 video

JJ and Elane have had enough of Amanda's crap, stealing little things here and there and then she stole JJ's money.   They set Amanda up and JJ has her all tied up, real tight.  Together the women shove a big pink squishy gag in her mouth and strap it in tightly.   That's not good enough so they take that off and put a huge hard red ball gag in her mouth and you can tell the girl HATES it.   "The women take that gag out and stuff her mouth with cloth and wrap a special wrap around her head.  That keeps her quiet but when the women took that gag off, the girl said some things Elane and JJ aren't going to put up with and they gag Amanda REAL GOOD.   JJ stuffs half of her mouth shoving the handkerchief deep in her cheek,  Elane does the other cheek with another huge handkerchief.   JJ holds it in while Elane cleave gags her.   Then they wrap micro foam tape over that and then wrap electrical tape over that.   She's going to be sorry she EVER crossed Elane and JJ.
Starring Amanda, JJ and Elane

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