Monica all taped up

12:07 video

Monica was enjoying her day and then was surprised by this crazy man.   He slapped her hard and stunned her.   She fell back on the sofa and he began to take advantage of her.  He grabbed a roll of sticky duct tape and began wrapping her legs together and then he taped her hands behind her.  He unbottons her top and she isn't wearing a bra.  He likes that and plays with her boobs.  Well, he needs to wrap duct tape around her arms and chest pinning her arms to her body.   She's pissed now and demanding he let her go.   He shoves her mouth full of cloth and wraps tape around her head holding the wad of cloth in her mouth.  He then uses electrical tape and continues to wrap around her head and mouth. He then leaves her to try to get loose.
Starring Monica Jade

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