Constance is BOUND, GAGGED and Mad as hell

13:43 video

Constance was just finishing cleaning the kitchen before she had to go to work.  A guy knew her schedule and surprised the woman.   He grabs her and she is scared but is running her mouth.  The guy has rope and he starts tying her arms behind her.   Now, she is getting mad and very difficult to control so he sits her in a chair and she starts kicking at him.  He puts a stop to that by tying her legs and hooking them to the chair.  The more he does the madder she gets.  He's had it, he grabs a big leather gag with a hug plug that's going right in that mouth and he straps it on so tightly.   She's rocking the chair and he makes sure she isn't getting out until he says so.   After he has her very secure, he unbuttons her top and he takes her bra down.   She is SCREAMING at him through the gag...every bad word you can imagine and it doesn't bother him one bit but he feels maybe the neighbors will hear her so he makes a change.  He takes that gag off, stuffs a huge wad of cloth in her mouth, wraps ace bandage around her head and then seals all that in with wrapping strong electrical tape around her head.    Much quieter now but she's still making noise.  Just when the guy is ready for more fun, her roommate shows up and scares the guy away,.
Starring Constance

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